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Pressure WashKing provides a limited warranty for residential applications against defects in workmanship or material failure, including cracking, peeling, or yellowing. The 3-year warranty uses Ure-Seal H20, and defects due to workmanship or materials will be repaired free of charge, but the customer must pay for materials. The warranty is void if the surface was previously sealed, or if damage was caused by customer abuse or neglect. Slate, Flagstone, and natural stone are not covered by the warranty. Efflorescence is not covered, as it is a natural process that occurs on the surface of brick, caused by lime or water-soluble calcium oxide, and is occasionally covered by the stone manufacturer. Tire marks are not guaranteed, as they can transfer onto some sealed surfaces due to a compound called plasticizer in some tires. The retention of moisture in the substratum or over concrete may cause bricks to cloud, but proper drainage is the responsibility of the customer. Joint sand may wash out due to abnormal conditions, and Paver Restoration is not responsible for natural erosion. The quality and condition of the bricks being sealed affect the warranty. Stains such as rust, paint, oils, Efflorescence, and acidic substances cannot always be completely removed, and insect intrusion, grass, weeds, mildew, birds, and contaminants cannot be warranted. Shine or sheen levels may vary depending on the porosity of the pavers. An additional high gloss sealer may be used at an additional cost, but it may not work in every case. There is no warranty on the sealer’s durability, and the customer must have an inspection and pressure cleaning every six months to maintain the warranty. The warranty does not cover free or complimentary services, and Pressure WashKing is not liable for damage caused to plants by the cleaning solution.

Our maintenance program is broken down as 10% of the total cost of the job 


$1000 (10% = $100)

It Includes: Soft wash cleaning of the surface are a with our eco friendly weed and mildew disinfectant. Keeping your pavers maintained after sealing them helps keep them looking great for years!

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